Hot flow anomalies are huge explosions fuelled by solar energy which detonate just above the surface of a planet.

Solar winds are supersonic traveling faster than the speed of sound and the HFA is strong enough to make them turn around.

Plasma particles are trapped in the hot flow anomaly. They make a big puddle that gets bigger and bigger, sending out its own shock waves. Everything downstream from that bubble is going to be different than whats upstream.

Update - 28th Feb 2018 - Hot Flow Anomaly is on the rise again

We're pleased to announce that the various musicians comprising HFA have met and drank from the unholy grail at a secret location. We agreed that the runes have been cast fortuitously and as a result will be embarking on the long awaited SECOND HFA album. It is entitled 'Second Sight' and we have already put together a list of fifteen or more songs and ideas which we are frantically working on.

More news to follow.

28th August 2015

It's been a long time since the last posting, but HFA are back on line, and boy do we have some news! As from now, Hot Flow Anomaly's debut album is available on digital download at Bandcamp - price £6. The physical CD will be available from friday 4th September - price £8 + £2 p&p. E-mail Tom at tom.adams@theshire.org.uk to order via paypal.

December 2014

Recording is ongoing for the first Hot Flow Anomaly album due for release in March/April 2015. The first 'side' is completely mixed and side two is going well, with vocals being laid down for two songs on 'side 2' before New Year. Tom was looking for an additional 'acoustic' song to complete the track listing, and received inspiration from the recently released 'Hobbit - Battle of five armies.' The song, 'Tauriel' has been written and is part-recorded as we speak. 2015 promises to be a 'Take it to the next level' year with an album release at the Brickyard, Carlisle and (hopefully) some festival appearances during the Summer. Thanks for bearing with us constant musicophiles. Some more news re. new lineup will be published in the New Year.



1st June 2014

New EP released 'Path to Oblivion' featuring the songs 'Star Lady' and 'Strontium Dog'. The EP can be downloaded from http://hotflowanomaly.bandcamp.com/album/path-to-oblivion

for only £1! Video for Strontium Dog can be viewed here

9th May 2014

New song released called 'Star Lady' accompanied by our first video. Access both from this homepage.

21st October 2013 New track - 'Metamorphosis'

Now available for streaming on our music player. It's an instrumental with an atmospheric vibe. This and all our tracks can be purchased from 'Reverbnation - click here

23rd Feb 2013 - New demo track 'Smoky Joe' uploaded.

Check it out for some up-tempo HFA rifferama.

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