New guitarist joins HFA

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of new guitarist Paul Ormsby. Paul is an experienced musician and adds a new dimension to the band. Be prepared for a new twin lead attack from now on, taking our sonic presence into the stratosphere. Paul will also be adding the occasional vocal too as he is no mean singer.

Summer 2013 update

A lot has happened in the last few months. We have established our core 3-piece line up which now includes permanent member: Keith Baird. Keith has a beatuful tone and plays with an exquisite finger style - just what we were looking for. We also played our first show at Sandside festiveal, Lancs. which went down a storm. We received lots of compliments about the music and we're now adding some dates for the autumn. We have a pile of demos recorded which we are now incorporating into our set lists. Look out soon for new recordings of 'Star Lady' and 'Release the Behomoth'!

New guitarist joins HFA

We are pleased to announce the inclusion of new guitarist Colin Bewley. Colin and Tom now provide a two-pronged sonic attack a la Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake - watch out for some cool dual lead lines!

New Demo track

New demo track 'Smoky Joe' uploaded.

Check it out for some up-tempo HFA rifferama.

First song recorded

HFA spent two and a half days laying down our very first track using Whitehaven producer Mark D'Vaz. To say we are very pleased would be an understatement. It's a wall of sound approach to a song about vengeance, emoting a futuristic western vibe. Check out the new release on our music player. More product to follow as we refine a host of new material.

Hot Flow Anomaly - experience the explosion

Hot Flow Anomaly enter the recording studio on Nov 3rd to record their first track entiltled 'Dead Man's Shoes'. The producer is Mark d'Vaz whose rock credentials are undisputed. The track will be uploaded for listening for Christmas 2012!

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